I am a tall brunette, with prominent body shape, long hair and penetrating dark gaze. I am here to offer you my exquisite escort services. I like sports, healthy diet, spending time outdoors and by the sea. I especially appreciate sunny days and relaxation in warm climates. Sunbathing gives me endless pleasure and makes my body tanned. I hope I will not scare you if I say that I like to sunbathe without wearing a swimsuit, because it is so charming and beautiful! I have nothing to hide, I trust my body and its forms. Would you like to see me on the beach? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! I adore well-prepared food, so it would be a real pleasure for me to cheer you up at dinner. I like to cook myself as well. What meal do you like? Tell me about yourself, share your dreams, hobbies and let‘s discover topics that interest us both. I like to highlight myself with a variety of sexy corsets and other clothes that give me confidence and make me feel free and restless. Do you like brave and sensual girls? Tell me what you dream of and I’ll try to make it happen. Let’s enjoy each other’s company, smile, laugh, talk and relax. If you will dare to meet me – I promise to do an unforgettable massage especially for you.

Age: 28
Height: 178cm / Weight: 62kg
Volumes: Chest: 94cm / Waist: 62 / Hips: 92cm
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brunette
Languages: Lithuanian / Russian / English

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Let’s enjoy each other’s company, smile, laugh, talk and relax!


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  • This girl is a real diamond

    This girl is a real diamond! Sexy look, dare I say endlessly experienced.. I recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of challenges and wants to know a little more about themselves and their body.

    By: Andrius | 5 years ago